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Secret Academy Episode - Alex French and Andrew Healy

Alex French and Andrew Healy have been best friends since middle school. They both got college degrees and started working in the corporate sector shortly after graduation. Slowly they realized that they were yearning for something more; something that working a 9-5 wouldn't produce. After getting involved with Tough Mudder races and becoming more health and nutrition conscious, they stumbled upon cold brew coffee which was a healthier and stronger alternative to regular hot brewed coffee. Because Alex worked at General Mills at the time, they were able to do research on their product by asking all his coworkers for their opinions and conducting a taste test 6 months later with a consumer expert at General Mills. Today, Bizzy Coffee is being sold in numerous retail stores and is also available for purchase as a subscription service.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How did running races lead to starting a business selling cold brew coffee
  • What cold brew coffee actually is
  • Working at General Mills helped with market research and taste testing
  • Time frame from conception to taste testing the product
  • The biggest misconception of the food and beverage industry
  • Using an accelerator program
  • Ways they used to acquire funding for their business
  • Starting small in the retail industry works better than going for the giant retailers from the get go
  • Why they decided to use plastic over glass bottles
  • Using google trends
  • Why they decided to go for a subscription based model
  • If you are passionate about what you're doing, then people genuinely want to see you succeed
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