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Secret Academy Episode - Stu McLaren

Stu Mclaren is the founder of Wishlist and Rhino Support. Two companies he started out of identifying his own necessity. Wishlist member supports over 43,000 membership sites and has crossed the 8 figure mark. Despite being an online entrepreneur, Stu is not a coder, nor is he a designer but instead he considers himself a marketer. In this episode he shares with us how after graduating, he chose a nice paying job only to quit on his first day and make things happen on his own. His ambition and belief which started by having 1 sale of his $7.95 book led to making millions online as well as helping thousands through his charity.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • His choice to not work for others at his first nice day job.
  • How Stu got his first sale.
  • How his failure led to identifying a business need.
  • How he built an 8 figure tech company with a $100 and no coding experience.
  • The differentiator in attracting clients.
  • Making your clients your affiliates.
  • How to service 43,000 websites everyday.
  • Why using Entrepreneurship to help others is the key.
  • Fulfillment through charity leads to a new idea.
  • His best tips for entrepreneurs.
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