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Secret Academy Episode - Brian Shafton

Brian Shafton is the owner and co-founder of RBC Records. Brian co-founded the company, alongside Ben Grossi, in 2001. Brian is an entrepreneur within the music industry and a calculated opportunist. Brian saw an opportunity for independent artists that fell into a huge gap because they weren’t yet able to sell enough units yet. RBC Records now provides a full service virtual label to artists and independent labels which is also a great alternative to signing with a major label. RBC pretty much covers it all, but they pride themselves in their ability to stay aware of industry trends and the reality of how impactful one’s social media presence and fanbase can be to an artist’s potential career.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How RBC Records has evolved since 2001
  • How digital streaming services have impacted the music industry
  • How to position yourself to be successful
  • The impact social media and online presence can have on your career
  • Qualities RBC looks for when partnering with an artist
  • The importance a good work ethic
  • Why you should be willing to invest in yourself before you ask someone else to
  • How the music and hip-hop industry has changed over the years
  • The most important thing to do when working with a music label
  • Why you should keep realistic expectations
  • How the music industry is constantly evolving
  • The ins and outs of endorsements, co-ops, and signing with a label
  • Brian’s experiences while working with big names like Jay-Z
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