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Secret Academy Episode - Jessica Butcher

Jessica Butcher is the co-founder and director of Blippar - a leading technology company specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision. Jessica is a technology entrepreneur with vast experience in bringing forth successful businesses over the last 15 years. Jessica is also an angel investor and was named as one of the Inspiring 50 - most inspiring women in European technology in 2016, BBC’s international list of Top 100 Women of 2014, and Fortune Magazine's Global Top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs of 2012.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Blippar went from an idea at a bar, to a multi-million-dollar business
  • How Blippar helps users interact with their surroundings using their cellphones
  • Why Blippar can enhance the world of any industry using AI
  • How Blippar compares to other AI products and companies
  • What direction AI is going in the future
  • Industries that have best adapted augmented reality and thrived because of it
  • How using Blippar can help advertisers and physical consumer products by interacting with customers
  • How Blippar benefits smaller businesses and helps them reach a bigger audience
  • What strategies Blippar implemented to reach a 65M active user base in 5 years
  • How teaming up with big brands helped Blippar in customer acquisition
  • When AI/AR will be a technology used by people on an everyday basis
  • Jessica’s thoughts on Pokémon Go and why it became successful so quickly
  • What speculations and negativity Blippar had to overcome
  • What were the best marketing strategies to get Blippar on the hands of the public
  • The difference between being first in an industry or riding the success wave
  • How are Jess and her team trying to make Blippar the world’s first digital AI browser
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