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Secret Academy Episode - Jebo Lopez

As much as we discuss taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship, there are still some situations where a day job isn't so bad. Some people actually enjoy working for a company that offers great pay and benefits, while others absolutely hate their boss and daily responsibilities. For guys like Jebo Lopez, entrepreneurship came into the picture to help fund some extra hobbies and toys. Little did he know that his side business would soon grow into a multi million dollar a year company. Through identifying opportunities in poor dealership logistics, Jebo founded Wheelz Up, a dealer parts transport and delivery service in the Mid Atlantic Region which has grown to over 47 delivery vans and annual revenue close to $3 million a year. Most of you might be surprised to hear that Jebo still holds a day job, while at the same time balances a business and family life.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Jebo identified a business opportunity in the dealership space
  • The initial funding amount needed to get his first van
  • How Jebo got his first few dealership clients by cold calling
  • The growth of the company and expansion into new services
  • How to run a side business while working a 9 to 5 day job
  • The importance of establishing procedures and protocols
  • How to hire good employees and managers to run a business
  • Why Jebo has decided to kept his day job and when he expects to leave
  • Why its sometimes important to not brand a business with your name
  • How the business markets itself through word of mouth
  • Why Jebo has decided against franchising the business
  • When you should expect to pay yourself when running a side business
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