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Secret Academy Episode - Dan Ko

Despite having some of today’s best formal education, Dan Ko knew inside himself that he was a true entrepreneur, even back in his early BMX days. While Dan’s background was in the realm of sports, his passion and ability to turn hobbies into businesses is remarkable. He founded and sold a company that produced parts for bikes only to move to his next hobby of cars and replicate the process. While bikes and cars are a passion, his real interests are within a new type of consulting business he is going to tell us all about called Fruition Associates. He is also sharing a bit more about his addiction for the Audi R8.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to test the market with a product before diving in.
  • His story and upbringing.
  • His take on the education system.
  • What it’s like to live in the UK.
  • How business differs in the UK.
  • How he founded and sold Trials UK
  • The opportunity he sees in carbon fiber.
  • What is Fruition Associates.
  • Where he gets his motivation.
  • His love for Audi R8's.
  • His tips for college entrepreneurs.
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