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Secret Academy Episode - Dustin Lloyd

Dustin never wanted to work for someone else, he was fired three times before the age of 19 after not enjoying dealing with authority figures. He didn’t know what exactly he wanted to do, but he knew he didn’t want to work 40+ hours a week to make someone else’s dream come true. Dustin found the Academy and has been a student for some time now. In that time he has built his company Key Smart into a thriving business place that employs over 100 people, across 49 states, and last year made over $3 million in revenue. Dustin has been an exceptional student in the Academy, taking it upon himself to help out other students with their ideas and struggles, all while being a devoted husband and father of 3 beautiful girls. Dustin’s constant hard work and determination earned him a top 3 spot in our 2017 Secret Entourage Academy Challenges, and he hasn’t let up since. Dustin is proof that with the right guidance, a strong drive, and a no-excuses attitude you can really be whoever you want to be.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to operate in an already niche marketplace.
  • Use other peoples experience to help you propel forward, even if it isn’t in your specific marketplace.
  • When you are first starting to grow as a business, word of mouth is your best friend to growth.
  • Always be open to adapt to your growing business.
  • Sometimes you really do have to spend money to make money.
  • Listening and participating is going to get you better results than just asking basic questions.
  • How to be proactive in business, not reactive.
  • As you become more advanced in your business, you may not end up doing what you thought you would be doing, and that’s ok.
  • If you are higher up, you should still know how to perform the tasks of everyone under you.
  • Know the value of your time enough to put a dollar on it.
  • How to connect your passion and your skills and get paid to do so.
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