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Secret Academy Episode - John Nouri

There are people who excel in a classroom soaking up knowledge from teachers and textbooks. Then there are those who learn best by taking action and might not do well in a traditional school environment. John Nouri was the latter. His father was an entrepreneur in real estate and owned an automotive mechanic shop. As soon as John was done with school, he started working with his father at the mechanic shop and threw himself into learning everything there was to learn about the business. Years later, he purchased the shop from his father and transitioned the business to cater towards exotic cars. During this time, he also built a lucrative business selling cars on the side. Being very knowledgable about cars, John was able to capitalize on a specific model of car and at the bare minimum double his investment. Finally, using his resources with the mechanic shop and selling cars, he decided to start an exotic car rental business called Broadway SuperCars. Today, John is running three separate and successful businesses that are all rapidly expanding.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Running a successful exotic car rental business in North New Jersey with competition from already established businesses
  • Going from one car to 22 cars and 40% growth annually in the exotic car rental business
  • Using his knowledge of turbo DSM's to create another revenue stream buying and selling cars
  • The secret for success in the exotic car rental industry (more so than having a great insurance plan)
  • What is the reason people fail in the exotic car rental industry
  • When you first start a rental business, buy a car that is most popular to the masses (Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or Ferrari F430 Coupe)
  • Don't get emotionally attached to cars
  • How to market the business in an area with other established businesses that dominated google rankings
  • The importance of investing in (or finding) a mentor to further your business
  • Understand what you're trying to get into before you even start walking down that path
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