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Secret Academy Episode - Stuart Dickinson

Often times, we wish to work for great companies with the hopes of landing a dream job to kick start our careers. However, the grass is not always greener on the inside as it may sometimes seem. As a car enthusiast and automotive professional, Stuart Dickinson landed his dream job at one of the top exhaust manufacturing companies in the UK early in his career. He quickly learned that the scale and scope of the operation was not what he had imagined or expected. With the opportunity identified, Stuart and a colleague decided to go into business together and launch their own line of automotive performance parts. Today, their latest company is Velocity Automotive Performance which has carved out its own well respected niche in the Aston Martin space. What started as an initial $80 investment, has grown to a full service aftermarketing tuning provider based on the relationship building principles of transparency and open communication.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Stuart's degree and lack of available jobs landing him a role at publishing company
  • The extreme sacrifice Stuart went through to kick start his companies
  • How to identify opportunity in the market place to find your niche
  • The most important ways to know if a partner is right for you
  • Methods Stuart used to land his first customer and first manufacturer with no track record
  • How Stuart started his aftermarket parts company with only $80
  • Why the phone is still the best form of communication today instead of email or text
  • Key tips to improve your client relationships and customer service
  • How to gain the trust of the dealer network to promote aftermarket parts
  • How to handle quality control when dealing with off shore manufacturers
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