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Secret Academy Episode - Deborah Sweeney

After working as the general outside counsel to, Deborah Sweeney went in-house with to find that it was in the process of being sold to Intuit. As the original owners left and the acquisition took place, Deborah found herself as the lead general manager for division under Intuit. Unfortunately due to the dot com bust, Intuit had to downsize and Deborah presented that was better run as it's own entity. This lead to Deborah re-acquiring where she became CEO and has lead the company into tremendous growth since 2009.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What it's like to acquire the company you once worked for.
  • The major challenges faced post transition.
  • With reduced funding, how to strategically market a company.
  • Why you should bring in-house experts rather than contract vendors.
  • Why the SaaS business model works and is scalable.
  • Customer service as the key differentiator.
  • The acquisition process broken down.
  • Why it's important to have business insurance.
  • Why it's vital to understand company analytics and market trends.
  • The difference between advertising for brand vs sales.
  • The major failures faced when going from employee to business owner.
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