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Secret Academy Episode - Erik Bentley

While working at a warehouse packing boxes, Erik Bentley noticed a chassis dyno being moved into a building across the street. His curiosity and love for cars prompted him to walk over and find out more details of the move, which led him to discover the opening of a performance shop. He ended up going there every night during his free time to learn everything there was to know about running a performance shop. Seeing the freedom and monetary rewards his boss had at his warehouse job pushed him towards his lifelong dream of opening his own business. Erik sold his car and saved up all his pennies to invest in his own domestic automotive shop specializing in performance modifications. Today, Lashway Motorsports is a thriving business generating over $1 million in sales annually and is expanding with a body shop slated to open sometime this year.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Erik got his passion for cars and business
  • How he was able to learn firsthand how to run a successful performance shop for free
  • Building a strong client base before opening his own shop
  • Why leasing/renting equipment was and still is key to keeping their costs lower
  • How much he invested to start the business
  • Leveraging a shop car to validate the business and consequently raise prices
  • Preparing to transition from leasing a warehouse space to buying a building
  • Future plans to expand and continue growth
  • Four essential tips to running your own successful performance shop
  • How loving what you do is the key to successful entrepreneurship
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