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Secret Academy Episode - Ted Nguyen

It was only 5 years ago that Ted Nguyen found a way to monetize what today is known as one of the largest and most prestigious automobile studios in Texas, if not the United States. While most tuners focus on a specific brand or make, Ted focuses on the art of automobile perfection. Often known for combining old classic designs with modern technology in some of his classic restoration, he is far from the other ordinary car shops out there. His passion for cars, design, and his uncompromising pursuit of perfection makes for some very happy clients and some incredible growth and expansion. He is today one ADV1 Wheel's premier dealers in the US and behind some of the nicest exotic car builds found anywhere.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to recognize opportunity within your passion.
  • How he went from hobby to business.
  • How he identified a niche within the car industry.
  • What are his core beliefs when doing business.
  • Why service differentiates him from competitors.
  • His struggles along the way.
  • His failure as an entrepreneur
  • How to overcome fear of failure.
  • His best tips for today’s entrepreneurs who love cars.
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