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Secret Academy Episode - Damien Bullard

At the peak of his college career, Damien Bullard was faced with two options: take the advice of his dad and start a business, or go to medical school and be in tremendous debt. Damien chose the path less taken and decided to work in car sales; a complete 180 degree from his initial plan. His success in the car dealership world allowed Damien to become General Manager by the age of 25. Having worked in every department allowed Damien to truly understand the business model behind dealerships. Unfortunately, in 2009 his dealership group closed, forcing him to let go over 80 employees including himself. Vowing to never face the same decision again, Damien knew an opportunity existed with the finance department of all dealerships and launched Credit Forget It. Credit Forget It offers credit optimization and identity theft protection services to dealerships and their customers. To this day, there has never been any external complaints and Credit Forget It has helped over 100,000 consumers and become nearly an 8 figure business in the process.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Damien decided to not go to medical school and instead sell cars
  • The first business Damien started in college and why it failed
  • How Damien moved up the ranks very quickly in the car dealership model
  • The unfortunate experience of laying off other employees under you
  • How Damien identified the two problems that lead to the birth of Credit Forget It
  • Why it took 18 months to turn a profit
  • How Damien ensures customer service excels to avoid consumer complaints
  • Tips to increase revenue for a car dealership as General Manager
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