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Secret Academy Episode - Gino Gargiulo

As a child growing up in Brooklyn, Gino had a comfortable childhood thanks to his father's successful produce company and die hard work ethic. He developed the urge for entrepreneurship and started selling fireworks at school before getting into drugs. His drug use caused a downward spiral which led him to being homeless and penniless for about a year and a half. The fear of going back to that time in his life forced Gino to work as hard as he could and never give up, even until this very day. He came up with the idea to start a mobile oil changing business and applied to many mechanic shops to try to learn how to actually do an oil change since he had no prior experience. Because no one would hire him, he decided to buy a used van and a lot of mechanics books and started going door-to-door to sell his services. Today, Oil Can Man services multiple fleets and provides much more than just oil changes. His dedication and determination led him to the success he has today along with the infamous Lamborghini speedboat which matches his Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster Limited Edition.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Gino got his life back together after his troubles with drug abuse and addiction
  • What he did get to get clients at the start of his business
  • Pushing convenience as the advantage over going to a traditional mechanic's shop for maintenance
  • Branching out from just oil changes to other maintenance services for vehicles
  • How he was able to offer more services without any automotive mechanical knowledge of his own
  • Transitioning from door-to-door sales to acquiring fleets as clients
  • Offering more products and services to satisfy the fleet clients
  • Starting another business as a spin off from Oil Can Man
  • Why he doesn't want to focus on wraps for high-end cars
  • Going with your gut with an idea
  • Buying a franchise and the challenges of running a franchise business
  • Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs
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