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Secret Academy Episode - Tolga Tarak

As a young car salesman, Tolga Tarak found himself into a unique position to start his own car based business at a very young age with no small business experience. His ability to jump on the opportunity and work for over a decade as a professional luxury concierge to some of today’s wealthiest all over the globe, gave birth to Emilia Motors and Ocean Realty. Two organizations which currently, not only make significant revenue well into the 8 figures, but also have enabled him the luxury of living in several countries including the ultra high net wealth area in the south of France known as Monaco. Tolga not only shares his experiences growing up and the struggles he endured, but also tell us more about the ownership experience of a Bugatti and living in Monaco. Tolga is also one the very few who has ordered #4 LaFerrari and will be sharing that experience with us once he gets it.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why being in the right place at the right time is not LUCK.
  • How a car salesman went from selling cars to brokering worldwide.
  • Humble beginnings to a daily driven Bugatti.
  • The best ways to network with millionaires.
  • Presentation is key to gaining more sales.
  • Perseverance is the differentiator between success and failure.
  • Marriage is about luck, business is about perspiration.
  • How to select the right teammates to deal with billionaires.
  • From concierge to real estate broker.
  • Why real estate still is the best investment.
  • Experience of owning a Bugatti.
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