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Secret Academy Episode - Kenny Hauk

Many of us dream of building cars, and having our name as the new special edition model but how many can actually say they achieve such goal. Kenny Hauk of Hauk Designs is one who has achieved this. From his early days of designing a snorkel for the popular Jeep Wrangler to the future of custom built Jeeps directly sold by Jeep, he tells us a story like non other about the struggles, failures, and successes that led him to being the face of the coolest Jeep tuning company out there. He shares with us his educational path as well as some amazing insights into entrepreneurship and the power of standing tall despite failure.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The power of acting, even when you don’t have much to sell.
  • His humble beginnings.
  • How he got his first sale.
  • The snorkel invention that made him famous.
  • From car parts to car builds.
  • From builds to public acceptance.
  • How he got his brand to Jeep Corporate.
  • How he attracts clients.
  • His best tips to entrepreneurs today.
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