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Secret Academy Episode - Michael Morgan

Growing up, Michael Morgan's father told him to never ever work at a car dealership. Little did Michael know that he would end up working in car sales after his automotive transport business closed down. While not glamorous and often times cut throat, Michael quickly worked his way from car sales to general manager of a Ford dealership. By truly understanding the logistics of car sales from dealer to consumer, Michael was able to learn how the dealership business model operates, as well as the core revenue channels. When the 2007 credit bubble collapsed, a new consumer was created, one that was uneducated about their credit score and how it was derived. Michael figured that his understanding of credit could help consumers obtain the vehicle of their choice by simply correcting credit blemishes on their history. This gave birth to Credit Forget It, an 8 figure a year credit optimization company that specializes in credit repair and identity theft. By leveraging the automotive dealer network, Michael has helped over 100,000 consumers in improving their credit score, while helping them purchase the car of their dreams.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Michael decided to drop out of school with 1 year remaining.
  • How Michael acquired his first client for his auto transport business
  • Secrets in growing a new business and persuading clients to take a chance on you
  • How Michael grew the auto transport business to $1.7 million a year
  • The ultimate downfall that lead to the collapse of the auto transport business
  • Why Michael decided to get into car sales, even after his father said NO
  • How to identify business opportunity during market trends (credit bubble)
  • Strategies for leveraging your network to grow your business exponentially
  • Of all the credit scores available, why FICO is the only one that matters
  • 3 tips for improving your credit including 1 loophole to give you a head start
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