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Secret Academy Episode - Arnold Sanchez

Arnold Sanchez is the co-founder of, an incubator in Orlando, FL geared to ensure more start-ups look at FL as their headquarters. Arnold made his debut in entrepreneurship by selling a staffing company he created two years after its launch for $32 Million dollars, while he started with $0. His revenues exceeded $2 Million a month at time of acquisition and he shares a lot of insight on entrepreneurship, the staffing industry, his experience growing a business, and understanding the depth of having a great exit strategy.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to create a $32M business from your couch with zero capital.
  • How he failed at his previous venture by accumulating overhead.
  • How he managed social media to eliminate overhead.
  • The secret to social success is LinkedIn groups.
  • How he started a staffing agency with 1 person.
  • What was the revenue model that led to $32M.
  • How to make money in staffing.
  • The importance of talent management.
  • His competitive advantage.
  • Cold calling is dead.
  • How he attained clients like Walmart.
  • How the staffing business evolved.
  • His advice for other people in the business.
  • From owner to investor.
  • Why he wants more innovation in Florida.
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