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Secret Academy Episode - Bobby Genovese

Bobby Genovese is a world famous entrepreneur who grew up on a farm in Ontario, Canada with two brothers and his single mother. After dropping out of school in 9th grade, he got a job as a barn manager and taught horseback riding. It wasn't until he worked for his stepfather selling wild flower seeds that he learned the art of the sale, which later snowballed into several ventures that led him to move to Vancouver. He took a huge gamble with a networking plan that got his foot in the door of investments. Today, he is chairman of BG Capital Group, a merchant banking and asset consolidation firm, currently worth about $200 million.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Bobby went from selling flower seeds to investing money with successful companies
  • Learning the art of the sale and the art of persuasiveness to be able to relate to people
  • What was the huge gamble he took in Vancouver that led him down the path to success
  • Why cash flow is everything
  • How to make millions working for a public company versus a private company
  • The difference between working hard and working smart
  • The strategy to create more revenue for more investments
  • Looking at the bigger picture to achieve success
  • Achieving success regardless of what your abilities are
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