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Secret Academy Episode - Austin Young

Austin Young was a student of the Academy for some time. He had a passion for all things exotic cars and knew he had to be working in that sphere. Thanks to some guidance through the Academy he has found a niche market, creating a way to find/sell super cars and their allocations that many people may never find through conventional channels. Knowing the super car market well enough, Austin is able to help his clients navigate through the process that is not necessarily talked about in any other setting. Austin’s company Veltracon is now servicing customers in all things luxury automotive from concierge services, allocation prospects, to storage, ensuring the longevity of his endeavor for years to come.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • You don’t ever have to settle for a basic job just because society tells you it is what is normal.
  • Be able to adapt to changes in your own business.
  • Take the help of mentors in to bringing your ideas to fruition.
  • If you want to become successful at a young age you’ll need to understand the sacrifices you’ll end up making.
  • Being in the customer service field takes a lot of energy and personal skills, it’s not for everyone.
  • Don’t be afraid to alter your vision in your business, find solutions to any problems you may be facing.
  • Be singular in your focus, sometimes doing too much can ultimately be your downfall.
  • Always mean what you say.
  • Be as transparent with people as you can when in the customer service industry.
  • How to balance life and business with a family.
  • How to let your purpose drive you to succeed.
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