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Secret Academy Episode - Larry Kosilla

At the age of 4 or 5 years old, Larry Kosilla asked his mother for a bucket and some soap. She gave him what he asked for and followed him outside where he proceeded to wash his toy cars and trucks. Little did anyone know, Larry included, that this would be a precursor to his future career. Larry went to school to learn commodities training, because he was brought up to think that a successful career was to work in the corporate world getting steady paychecks every month. However, like many entrepreneurs, he soon learned that this was not what he wanted to do. Larry moved back to his hometown and started doing research on something he had always had a passion for: washing/detailing cars. He ended up buying one of the local car wash businesses he visited and later expanded to mobile services. Today, Larry runs AMMO NYC, a successful business selling detailing products and offering detailing services for high end vehicles.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The transition from working a corporate job, to working for a company specializing in show cars, to being a business owner
  • How he was able to buy the car wash business
  • Why he chose to price himself 10-20% higher than his competitors
  • Attracting quality clients by offering quality services
  • Downsizing his business from a brick and mortar car wash to a mobile service
  • The key to his success was being authentic to his clients
  • What kind of insurance you need for a detailing business
  • Creating a detailing product line customized for his own use leading to a new revenue stream
  • Why he doesn't want to expand his reach by selling his products online and in retail stores
  • Four tips to starting a business in automotive detailing
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