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Secret Academy Episode - Kenny Tran

After a successful drag racing career, where he set multiple records and won numerous series, Kenny Tran left being the wheel to now performance shop owner. Located in Garland, Texas, Kenny owns and operates JoTech Motorsports, a full service tuning shop for cars ranging from the Mitsubishi EVO, to the Nissan GTR, to even the mighty Lamborghini Gallardo.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to materialize your dream into business.
  • His former drag racing days.
  • How he turned racing into business.
  • The evolution of his racing shops.
  • His service first mentality.
  • The liability of owning a shop.
  • How business has changed through the years.
  • His take on the racing industry today.
  • Why the Nissan GTR became their go to platform.
  • Why he continues to race still today.
  • The next platform for Jotech Motorsports.
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