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Secret Academy Episode - Nick Maddox

Nick Maddox has been a student in the Academy now for just a little under two years. He bought his access with the money he got as a graduation present after high school and dove in head first. With that graduation money Nick also bought a stockpile of some high-end detailing merchandise and with the help of his childhood friend Tyler was able to start putting them to use. Nick and Tyler began detailing local cars around the neighborhood until soon their market expanded thanks to their tremendous work and word of mouth from previous customers. Now they have DEFCON Detailing and it houses a team of well trained and motivated individuals who work specifically on high end luxury cars doing detailing as well as paint protection and ceramic coating. Had it not been for the Secret Academy, Nick and Tyler’s dream may have always stayed that way, but they took the steps to make it a reality and now they are both proud business owners before the age of 21.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Everybody has to start somewhere.
  • Word of mouth is something that can be utilized very well to help your small business grow.
  • Keep customers happy so they continue to spread good things about your business.
  • Invest in your own education and growth so you can later see the ROI in your own success.
  • When working with a co-founder be sure to know what responsibilities fall onto who’s delegation.
  • Always work together with your team with a common goal in mind.
  • When working with a team, communication is key.
  • Any conflict within the team needs to be handled immediately.
  • Building trust with customers is sometimes more difficult when you are so young.
  • Age shouldn’t prevent you from following your dreams.
  • Instead of waiting for the market to come to you, take yourself infront of the market.
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