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Secret Academy Episode - Chris Green

Many people dream of taking their passion in life and starting their own business based off of that. After graduating from high school, Chris Green decided that instead of going to college like all of his peers, he wanted to take his passion for car audio and turn it into a real business. So at 18-years-old, he incorporated USP Motorsports and started contacting wholesalers to open up accounts. With zero inventory, Chris bought products as he got orders for them and eventually saved up enough money to acquire a brick and mortar location. A slow, steady growth and transition into e-commerce transformed his business into a million dollar venture. Today, he runs USP Motorsports with the same passion and drive as he did from day one.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Chris started off selling $60 speaker boxes to save up for a brick and mortar store front
  • Using word of mouth to gain clients versus paying for advertising
  • Evolving his business from car audio to performance parts
  • Transitioning his business from brick & mortar only to incorporate e-commerce
  • The saying "it takes money to make money" isn't always accurate
  • Why he thinks he has been so successful, and what has made him stand out from local competition
  • What really matters in the e-commerce realm
  • How his business structure is currently
  • Looking at your business from an outside perspective to grow
  • How starting with your own money makes all the difference in how you succeed
  • The biggest struggle in business and how to overcome it
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