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Secret Academy Episode - Amber Blonigan

Amber Blonigan is the founder of Gi Motorsports, an independent automotive tuning and maintenance shop in Los Angeles. Starting with just $30,000 in the bank, Amber left her finance banking job to start Gi Motorsports (formerly German Independent) at the age of 25. Through fearless commitment, business relationships, and keen business sense, Amber has challenged the status quo by being one of the very few female entrepreneurs to succeed in the automotive industry for the last 11 years. If her looks didn't catch your eye then maybe it will when you see her piloting the Lamborghini LP640 or Mercedes CLK63 Black Series shop cars around Southern California.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The 'aha' moment to start her own business while working in finance banking
  • The struggles of starting a business at 25 years old with a 2 week old baby
  • Started with $30,000 in savings and grew monthly revenue to $100,000 by 4 months
  • The challenges of being a woman in the automotive industry
  • The effects of the economy on business
  • How to get your first few clients for a brick and mortar business
  • The impact of online business listings and directories
  • How to deal with rejection and negativity from competitors (as a woman)
  • How to balance personal life and business to ensure success in both areas
  • The best tips for any female entrepreneur regardless of industry
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