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Secret Academy Episode - Todd Zuccone

Todd Zuccone is not a stranger in the Porsche world. As a matter of fact, he might be one of the most popular guy that is associated with making Porsches go very fast. Since 1997 Todd has been building Evolution Motorsport (EVOMS) and tuning some of today’s finest 911’s but the road to stardom and success wasn’t easy at all. He share with us the struggles, successes and how he has been able to continue to remain an authority in the tuning world despite harsh competition. He shares his failures as well as the difficult survival times and his adaptability to some of today’s difficult to master technologies.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he started Evolution Motorsport.
  • The car that made him famous.
  • His earlier failures and mistakes.
  • His survival during bad financial times.
  • What made Evolution Motorsport so big.
  • How to stay competitive.
  • How the industry changed today.
  • What does it take to compete in this segment.
  • His tips for entrepreneurs who want to tune cars
  • The evolution of his brand.
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