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Secret Academy Episode - Jordan Swerdloff

It's been two years since we've featured Jordan Swerdloff of ADV1 Wheels and certainly a lot has changed since then. With his company continuing to grow 20% year-over-year, we wanted to catch up with Jordan to get the latest scoop on not just ADV1 Wheel's growth, but also the automotive industry as a whole. In this latest interview, you will learn how Jordan went from selling 20 sets of wheels a month to over 150 per month and now manages his team of over 50 employees. Jordan also takes us on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of his manufacturing facilities.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What happened in the last 2 years at ADV.1 Wheels? - 4:50
  • What happens in your head when you are doing so well? - 9:10
  • Are you willing to take investor money to continue to grow? - 13:50
  • Are you going to offer private label manufacturing to companies? - 16:30
  • Other companies who rely on him. - 20:15
  • Who do you consider to be your competitors? - 22:10
  • Which are your biggest mistakes looking back the last 6 years? - 27:00
  • What advice do you have for people when considering building a team? - 31:00
  • How do you hire the right people? - 32:00
  • The most unexpected thing that has happened to you since the birth of ADV.1 Wheels?- 40:00
  • What was the reason that you sell that many wheels? - 46:45
  • How do you scale something that is so niche? - 50:45
  • The concept of the words: "I do not want to be a billionaire." - 53:20
  • His evolution as a person, not in the business side of things. - 56:20
  • The transition between medium and a large company. - 1:01:45
  • His best piece of advice. - 1:05:40
  • Insight look of ADV.1 Wheels - 1:06:27
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