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Secret Academy Episode - Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler is an entrepreneur, author, endurance athlete and former rapper. Straight out of college, Itzler signed his first record deal with a small independent record label. He knew he didn’t want to be an employee and work for other people which set him on the course of entrepreneurship. Among some of his entrepreneurial successes, Itzler co-founded Alphabet City Sports Records, co-founded Marquis Jet (one of the largest private jet card companies in the world), he created the 100 Mile Group (a brand incubator and accelerator), and is an owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Understanding that everything is under your control
  • The importance of being in control of your time
  • Staying efficient with your time
  • Being consistently disciplined every day is hard
  • How important are routines and habits
  • How chaos can lead to great achievements
  • Learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Getting into the plane business
  • The length of time from idea to profit
  • The biggest learning from living with a SEAL
  • The reason to write the book “Living with a SEAL”
  • Why he has gotten involved in so many industries and adventures
  • Challenge yourself every day
  • Surrendering embarrassment and failure
  • Ownership of the Atlanta Hawks
  • Having a spouse who is also a successful entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship is not for everybody
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