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Secret Academy Episode - Ryan Blair

Ryan Blair found himself without a father figure at the young age of six when his veteran and engineer father left the family. Constantly searching for guidance and acceptance, he got eventually wound up in a gang. Finding valuable mentors helped him get on the right track, and Ryan started his first business called 24/7 Tech at 21-years-old. Throughout the years, he has been involved in numerous companies, most notably becoming CEO of ViSalus and bringing their revenue from $39 million to over $1 billion. Ryan also found a passion for teaching and writing and has authored NY Times best-seller "Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain" and "Rock Bottom to Rock Star."

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he wound up in a gang, and how that was the first step towards entrepreneurship
  • His first lesson in venture capitalism
  • Purchasing a company for $15k and selling it for $25M
  • What is challenge marketing
  • Using the "3 for free" program for his MLM company
  • What he looks for when considering investing in a company
  • In the supplement industry you have to keep innovating because of the lower barriers of entry and constant changes
  • Don't believe in your own hype
  • Turning something around is a lot harder than starting something from scratch
  • You learn more from a person's mistakes than their successes
  • Play to your strengths and accept your weaknesses
  • Spend 80% on your strengths and 20% on improving your weaknesses
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