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Secret Academy Episode - Tom Corson Knowles

When Tom Corson-Knowles graduated from business school and realized he didn't want to become a corporate slave, he started to sell supplements and made a full-time income as a college graduate. With his success at such a young age, Tom decided he wanted to share his experiences with the masses and instead of turning to a website or blog for sharing his knowledge, Tom decided to self-publish a book. His first few books were flops but eventually Tom cracked the code for achieving high Amazon rankings that turned into five figures a month of revenue just from book sales alone. Today, he has authored over 20 best selling, well rated books in various topics that now bring in a solid five figures a month in passive income. He is also the founder of TCK Publishing, an independent publishing consulting agency that helps writers succeed with self-publishing on Amazon.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Tom's first business that allowed him to not become a corporate slave
  • After writing his first book at 19, why he couldn't get a publisher
  • Why you should treat writing a book a business, not a hobby
  • Is the self-publishing market saturated or no?
  • Understanding your purpose when writing a book
  • How to do market and competitor research on Amazon
  • Why you should list your book in smaller sub categories first before big categories
  • How to format your eBook with free software
  • The two most important parts of your book: Title & Cover
  • Pros and cons of going with Amazon vs a third party distributor
  • Why money is not made up front from sales but rather in the backend
  • Why you should list your book for free first before charging
  • Ways to market your book to get thousands of sales
  • Is creating a paperback book more important than an eBook?
  • Should you update your book mid-life cycle?
  • First steps you should take when writing your first book
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