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Secret Academy Episode - Brad Martineau

After spending eight years leading the product development efforts as a key member of the Infusionsoft leadership team as their 6th employee; Brad Martineau ventured into entrepreneurship and co-founded Sixth Division with the purpose of helping businesses unlock the power of what systems and automations can do (with a focus on Infusionsoft), and providing users a better source for education, training, and “done for you” services. On mission to serve the small business community, Brad and his team have focused on making Sixth Division the leading provider of coaching and software tools that help entrepreneurs tap into the power of marketing automation. Brad’s passionate about helping make people’s lives easier by helping them understand difficult concepts and bridging the gap between theory and execution, and remaining true to one of the core principles of entrepreneurship - focusing on building value and helping others.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why businesses have to be built on the back of systems if you want to scale
  • The true definition of “automation”
  • What is Infusionsoft and how it can help your business run more effectively
  • What Brad refers to as “the small business success marathon”
  • The importance of investing in the infrastructure and blueprint of your business
  • Why you can’t create a plan and build it at the same time
  • The advantage of picking a single product offering when you’re just getting started
  • How to focus on fulfillment and putting the human touch back in online business
  • Why figuring out what you want to do is more of discovery process rather than a declaration process
  • Understanding the power of why you do what you do and the two different definitions of “why”
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