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Secret Academy Episode - Brian Cohen

As Pinterest’s first angel investor, Brian Cohen knows when to identify a great opportunity, which is why he now serves as the Chairman of the New York Angels which has invested over $50 million in more than 70 early stage companies. With the belief that all new products, services and ideas should be easy to discover, find and share, Brian launched a free next generation self-publishing PR news platform called in May 2012. It powers many attendee, media, news, and information guides for major events and conferences. His years of experience in business and passion for investing in others makes him an asset to the startup world.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to get the attention of an angel investor.
  • His story, personal struggles and investing in Pinterest.
  • What made Pinterest a great investment.
  • Why makes a real angel investor.
  • How angel investors think.
  • How angels decide to invest or move on.
  • The fundamentals that make a business profitable.
  • Beware of fake angel investors.
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