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Secret Academy Episode - Patrick Petitti

Although still a student at Harvard Business School, Patrick and a group of friends have tackled the challenge of being an entrepreneur by launching HourlyNerd. HourlyNerd is new startup that aims to connect top MBA students with local businesses for employment, consulting, or contract work. What's more impressive is that Patrick got the attention of well known entrepreneur and celebrity Mark Cuban to invest $750,000 without appearing on Shark Tank. All it took was one simple well written email and Patrick is here today to talk about HourlyNerd and reality of meeting Mark Cuban and how $750,000 transformed his business.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Harvard was the piece that put it all together
  • How to validate your idea without fancy tactics
  • Why they turned down an offer to appear on Shark Tank
  • What is a convertible note and how it works in funding
  • How he got the attention of Mark Cuban and received $750,000
  • Why being prepared for opportunities was key to nailing his pitch
  • Why you should never say NO to any meettings
  • What a company does when they receive funding and what he did with $750,000
  • How he keeps Mark Cuban happy with his investment
  • Why outsourcing overseas isn't wise sometimes
  • How his team is more more than business partners but friends first and foremost
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