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Secret Academy Episode - Tony Whatley

Tony Whatley came from humble beginnings as he so puts. But perhaps those are the best beginnings to come from. Never feeling entitled he always got to work to earn what he wanted. His first job at McDonalds at the age of 15 taught him a lot in the corporate and training mindset, but even with that part time job he never stopped hustling on the side. Then he bought himself through engineering school by working as a pipe-fitter out for the oil refineries, but continued working odd jobs as a bartender or server to help make his income higher than it was. Whatley continued his career path by climbing corporate ladders and flirting with middle management. But even with his corporate career in place, he always worked at his side hustles and ended up building them up so greatly they became 6-7 figure companies and once sold made Tony a millionaire ON THE SIDE. With this success Tony made the choice to become a teacher/mentor to help other entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves and in turn help them make their businesses more successful. Since making this decision Tony has launched his successful podcast: 365 Driven and become an Amazon Best Seller with his book “SideHustle Millionaire” and he wants to tell you all about his journey today.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to scale your ecommerce business 300% in just one year.
  • How to get your product into over 5500 stores.
  • What licensing you need to sell your product in stores.
  • How to utilize specific Facebook ads to strengthen your growth online.
  • How to create new wholesale accounts.
  • How to create new products that haven’t yet been seen in the space.
  • How to utilize direct marketing in digital media and digital marketing.
  • Get to know the big players in your industry and don’t compete, coexist.
  • Tenacity is the biggest attribute you need when trying to get into stores.
  • What is a look-alike audience targeting campaign.
  • What a “cool” advertisement can do for your company.
  • Learn advertisement because once you learn how to sell, you can sell anything.
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