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Secret Academy Episode - Nathan Chan

Some of our favorite magazines, both business and automotive, have gone down the unfortunate fate of being canceled due to expensive costs and low retention. Fortunately, most of our favorite magazines have since rebirthed online in the form of digital content, ranging from digital publications as blogs or media heavy channels on Youtube. Needless to say, print magazines may be dead but consumable digital content such as ezines and podcasts have flourished. Nathan Chan saw this as the perfect opportunity to not only create a digital magazine, but also to create one that is better than all others in the business and entrepreneur space. Nathan saw too many magazines filled with ads, non actionable content, or fluff. The gap was filled by Nathan's magazine Foundr, a magazine for entrepreneurs that is only available digitally on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store. For over a year, Nathan has built a very solid magazine, interviewing top entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, while continuing to grow his subscriber base to nearly 50,000. Factor in the cost of production at only several thousand dollars per issue, Nathan enjoys a healthy revenue of six figures a year from paid memberships.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why print magazines are dead and how digital magazines are booming
  • The publishing platform that Nathan used to create Foundr
  • The technical backend of Foundr and how it operates on Amazon S3 hosting
  • What the Initial start up costs in digital publishing are and where it's spent
  • How to find a very talented designer to work long term, if not partner with
  • Why you should let designers have full creative control as the experts they are
  • The rough cost of each magazine but also how it's still profitable
  • The three things that impact downloads: keywords, screenshots, and copy
  • How to optimize your magazine keywords to get tons of organic traffic
  • The story behind getting some of the biggest celeb interviews, including Richard Brandon
  • Why you should pick up the phone call and stop emailing to get past PR agents
  • How Foundr is monetized and other untapped revenue sources
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