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Secret Academy Episode - Jason Womack

Jason Womack started studying how to manage time, focus, and energy while he was teaching at a high school. In 2000, he jumped from public to private education and started doing seminars for an author he met. As he continued doing these seminars, Jason realized the demand for business coaching and decided to launch his own coaching business along with his wife in 2007. Get Momentum is an online program specializing in custom tailored mentoring to people wanting to increase their productivity.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • His start in seminars which led him to opening his own business
  • The three questions he asks all his clients to explore the answer to as a part of his system
  • Visualization is important
  • External (extrinsic) versus internal (intrinsic) motivation
  • First step is to make a pros and cons list
  • 70-80% of what most people tell themselves about what is happening is negative and course corrective
  • The power of community
  • The 30/30 rule and how that can improve your productivity
  • Living in an acknowledgement society
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