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Secret Academy Episode - Matt Paulson

When it comes to online businesses, you hear of many entrepreneurs who become dependent on one source of traffic which usually is organic from Google in most cases. The problem with that is that Google runs major algorithmic updates periodically throughout the year so your site may drop off or even disappear off the results at any given time. One of the most solid sources of traffic has and always will be through your own personal list of subscribers in the form of an email list. Your email list usually holds its weight in gold as the people who opt-in not only have a vested interest in your offering, but also are more likely to engage and purchase. Matt Paulson has several diverse online businesses in different verticals but the common success factor is his email list which is now over 150,000 in subscribers but also worth over $1 million in sales. As they always say, the money is in the list!

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How a Google penalty forced Matt to build his email list
  • Learned how to appear in Google Finance news for traffic
  • The #1 most important tip when it comes to getting subscribers
  • The best kinds of opt-in placements and why
  • Why you should segment your email list based on referring page
  • Design versus copy and what works better
  • The ideal opt-in rate you should aim for when getting emails
  • Which traffic sources usually convert better than others
  • Is it better to build your own product or be an affiliate
  • How to craft a successful email campaign from start to finish
  • The best kinds of email marketing software to use
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