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Secret Academy Episode - Kimanzi Constable

Exactly 2 years ago, we did a brief feature on Kimanzi Constable, where he shared his first failure by only selling 11 copies of his self-published book. As an entrepreneur, failure is only when defeat is accepted and Kimanzi chose to go back to the drawing board. He knew the one thing that would get books to sell was to find a demographic that could relate and to get the word out. But how could he do that on a shoe string budget? Kimanzi went on an online marketing tour de force and was able to get himself featured on over 45 different websites, including much larger publications, and later multiple speaking engagements across dozens of other countries. Fast forward to today, Kimanzi has sold over 85,000 copies of his books through self-publishing and has signed a 4 book deal with a major publishing company that caught notice after his books reached the best sellers list. His premiere book is titled Are You Living or Existing? and we are confident to say Kimanzi is living his dream and we are proud to have him back once again to share his inspiring story.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How a 19 year old found a golden opportunity in the market to earn $55k/year
  • Why Kimanzi hated working for his company even while earning high six figures
  • The difference between being an entrepreneur and being a business owner
  • How Kimanzi's personal business journal eventually became the foundation to his book
  • The feeling of false expectations when your book sells 0 copies for months
  • How guest blogging became his source of traffic and email subscribers
  • The email templates and criteria you need to use to successfully land guest blogging gigs
  • Tools you can use to estimate a books total estimated sales numbers
  • The pros and cons of self publishing vs publishing company
  • The proper strategy to launch a new book in today's market
  • How Kimanzi got his book publishing deal by attending a mastermind event
  • The most important thing for book upkeep to sustain high rankings in Amazon
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