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Secret Academy Episode - Pejman Ghadimi

Since 2008, Secret Entourage has been a platform created to help educate and inspire thousands of people daily. Although Secret Entourage gave a voice for hundreds of entrepreneurs to share their story, there has never been a chance for our fans to learn more about the founder until today. For years, Pejman Ghadimi helped drive the direction of Secret Entourage while staying out of the spotlight to not take away from the brand itself. That is until the last few years when Pejman's book Third Circle Theory became a best seller and gained major press but also with the launch of the Secret Academy where you may have noticed Pejman serving as host. While you may know Pejman from Secret Entourage and various interviews from other sites, there is much more than meets the eye including several multi-million dollar businesses in different verticals, all while climbing the ladder at a Fortune 500 bank without a college education. It's our pleasure to kick off 2015 with an in-depth interview with Pejman.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Pejman took a telemarketing job when no one else did
  • How to go from $12 / hr to $2500 / week as a telemarketer
  • How to think outside the box and create your own opportunity
  • Why Pejman decided to stop going to college after one semester
  • The importance of self-education and leveraging free resources
  • How Pejman capitalized at the peak of the housing market
  • How to climb the corporate ladder quickly without a degree
  • The difference between being an entrepreneur and business owner
  • The birth of Secret Entourage and why it was a failure early on
  • How Pejman grew Secret Consulting and VIP Motoring to seven figures
  • Why Secret Academy was born and how to go from a free model to paid
  • The idea behind the best selling book Third Circle Theory
  • New business ventures and the future for Pejman
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