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Secret Academy Episode - Sam Bakhtiar

Sam Bakhtiar isn’t happy if he isn’t hustling, and while many entrepreneurs say that now a day, this man means it! Sam is the founder of one of the most successful fitness institutions in an ever changing industry, he is an author, host of the podcast series: the One Percenters, and a doctor to top it all off. Yet no matter how busy Bakhtiar gets in one of his near dozen business ventures he always remembers the little details. He still takes time to ensure his home is neat, his schedule is set, and doesn’t let anything, no matter how small, fall through the cracks. “I don’t believe you can make it anywhere by winging it in life” says Bakhtiar. So in this episode I was able to sit down and talk to Sam one on one about his journey, his incredible work ethic, and the skill set that he has that has enabled him to become one of the most incredible serial entrepreneurs of our time.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Time management is key to being successful.
  • An eye for detail and design can help you move forward in life in ways you never knew possible.
  • No matter your financial situation, always retain a sense of class.
  • Don’t take advice from people you wouldn’t trade places with.
  • How a fitness goal can translate into personal achievements.
  • How to love some family members and friends from afar.
  • How to succeed in an oversaturated health and fitness market as an entrepreneur.
  • Find a gap in your market and fill it rather than trying to create a market on your own.
  • An over inflated ego prevents you from learning and growing in your own space.
  • The difference between being humble and being weak.
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