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Secret Academy Episode - Mark Margulies

Back before ads, algorithm changes, and business tactics galore, instagram was just a social media site that allowed you to post cool pics of you, your friends, your dog, whatever…so other people could see and enjoy whatever you felt was important enough to capture with a picture in your life. While some people enjoyed it for what it was, others, like Mark Margulies wanted to use it to help build up a brand. Now while at first that brand was making custom snap-back hats, in an ever changing world, with extreme growth being forced upon him by popular demand Mark Margulies had to adapt. Through countless different products: hats, wallets, card holders, leather goods, etc. Mark and his team found success, but one product would change their company and their direction completely. Seeing a lack in diversity and fashionability in the watch strap game, Mark decided he would fulfill it, and he launched Horus Straps. Which now is one of the most popular after market straps for luxury watch brands like: Audemars Piquet, Rolex, and Panerai.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to evolve your product in an ever changing market.
  • How to actually make a product come to life.
  • How to get connections with manufactures.
  • Networking is key to sourcing the elements you need make your idea a reality.
  • How to work with process of product production.
  • Sometimes old fashion business techniques can be successful.
  • Trial and error cost is just part of the process, don’t fight it.
  • How long does it take to bring a product back to life.
  • How to cope with social media algorithm changes.
  • Retail vs Wholesale Business
  • How to get your mostly sold online product into someone else brick and mortar store.
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