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Secret Academy Episode - Jon Carder

In a world where technology is forever evolving, one can imagine how difficult it can be to keep up with the times. However, there are some people, like my guest Jon Carder who are able to capitalize on this ever changing game and make it work in his company's favor. Years ago Jon started a company that helped make earning loyalty rewards a frictionless process. No longer did you have to wave around a coupon at a store to get your discount, Jon’s company made it so you could just link your rewards right to your credit card for a smooth, easy process that still earned you rewards and cash back. Now with brick and mortar stores not being the only means of purchase, Jon has evolved his company to reflect both online and offline transactions. His company, Empyr acts as an intermediate, bringing together customers and apps, stores, or websites like: Facebook,, Living Social, etc for the customer to be able to utilize rewards and the business to make profit percentages off of every purchase. This is something a little different than what we are used to talking about here at Secret Entourage, but I am super excited for you all to hear Jon’s story and just how successful his transactional facilitation business has become.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to adapt your business with ever changing technology.
  • How a transactional holding company actually works.
  • How to get businesses to opt into your rewards program.
  • What does a business gain from being a part of a program like this.
  • How much commerce is REALLY happening online vs in-store.
  • How to focus on the best potential client to be an “early adopter”.
  • How much “Feet on the street” sales really cost.
  • How to pick the right partners to help grow and expand your business.
  • Inside sales team vs. Outside sales team.
  • How to change your business model without faltering through the change.
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