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Secret Academy Episode - Aaron Singerman

Though this is my 3rd interview with Aaron Singerman, every time we speak it is like I am speaking to a new person. Last we spoke to Aaron RedCon1 had just entered nutritional supplement space. Now almost a year or so later, RedCon1 is a powerhouse in the Nutritional Supplement Based E-Commerce industry with their products also being sold in over 5500 stores nationwide. In this interview, Aaron takes us through how he is able to sell his product both on and offline with such great success. Along with how to work with getting licensing to sell his product in brick and mortar stores across the U.S. So sit back, relax, grab a protein shake and see for yourself just how Aaron Singerman was able to scale RedCon1 into one of the most massive players in the nutritional supplemental game in less than 12 months.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to scale your ecommerce business 300% in just one year.
  • How to get your product into over 5500 stores.
  • What licensing you need to sell your product in stores.
  • How to utilize specific Facebook ads to strengthen your growth online.
  • How to create new wholesale accounts.
  • How to create new products that haven’t yet been seen in the space.
  • How to utilize direct marketing in digital media and digital marketing.
  • Get to know the big players in your industry and don’t compete, coexist.
  • Tenacity is the biggest attribute you need when trying to get into stores.
  • What is a look-alike audience targeting campaign.
  • What a “cool” advertisement can do for your company.
  • Learn advertisement because once you learn how to sell, you can sell anything.
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