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Secret Academy Episode - Chase Zimmerman & Sean Perelstein

Sean Perelstein's father started Henry Designs along with a business partner over 40 years ago manufacturing jewelry for Tiffany's, Mikimoto, and other high end jewelry brands. They were well known for their diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and overall craftsmanship as each piece was hand carved using wax molds and not machine cut. Sean joined his father's business 10 years ago and started traveling the country going door-to-door to promote Henry Designs. Sean started wearing stingray leather bracelets to compliment his watches, and they caught the attention of many of the clients he was visiting. Pretty soon, he was receiving numerous emails from people wanting to purchase the stingray bracelets, later named StingHD, and realized that there was a growing market for men's fashion accessories. Luckily for Sean, he knew just the person to help him promote and grow StingHD, his good friend Chase Zimmerman who had an extensive background in marketing and advertising working for his father's advertising agency. Together, they created a social media movement on Instagram posting photos of StingHD bracelets with watches, cars, and other luxury items. Today, StingHD offers completely customizable bracelets on their website and in specialized retailers across the country.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Creating StingHD from the parent company Henry Designs
  • Transitioning from fulfilling email orders to a full on E-commerce website
  • What qualities generated word-of-mouth sales
  • Why they NEVER offer discounts or sales on their products
  • How to choose the right retailers and what they expect from their retailers
  • Securing their largest retailer in Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Differences between small retailers and large retailers like Saks
  • What is their insight on the secondary market
  • The motivation behind their new wallet line
  • Daily struggles versus what you see on social media
  • How they deal with copyright and patent violations
  • Promoting their brand using Instagram
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