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Secret Academy Episode - Brigit Esselmont

They often say riches are in niches and today's guest is a perfect example of how being the authority in a niche can not only be lucrative but also rewarding at the same time. For over a decade, Brigit had a great career in the corporate world making over six figures annually. After trying a tarot reading one day that lead Brigit to meeting her soon to be husband, Brigit was hooked from that point on. Brigit became a student of tarot and began to share her passion online through a website. A combination of several monetization methods brought Brigit steady income that eventually rose from $100/day to nearly $1000/day. After realizing the true potential and reach of her business, Brigit decided to focus on full time. Today, she reaches over 175,000 unique visitors per month and has a complete series of tarot products from webinars, to courses, to ebooks, to affiliate programs and more. Brigit has become a master of the niche online business model and is here today to share a little bit about her journey and how she is the authority in the tarot space.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What is exactly Tarot and how it works
  • The moment that inspired Brigit to try Tarot and believe in it
  • How to know if a Tarot reader is qualified or not
  • Why she gave up 10 years of education and a six figure corporate salary
  • What inspired Brigit to turn a side hobby into a full fledged business
  • The turning point when Brigit knew it was time to give up her corporate job
  • How Brigit monetizes the website with over 6 different revenue sources
  • SEO strategies that worked for Brigit to reach 175k uniques per month
  • How Brigit became a trusted authority in the Tarot niche
  • Why Brigit still works with a business coach to help grow her business
  • Different ways Brigit incorporated experiences from corporate to her business
  • Why experimenting is the single best thing entrepreneurs can do
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