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Secret Academy Episode - Gunnar Lovelace

Gunnar grew up in poverty status with a single mother. Growing up in this environment he saw a lot of his mothers struggles, but he also saw how hard she worked to ensure he had healthy choices growing up as a kid. This day in age when organic eating and non-GMO food is all the rage, Gunnar knows some of these chain stores don’t mind jacking up the prices to meet the demand. Gunnar wanted to make healthy options easy and affordable for all American’s so he found Thrive Market, an online market place that allows people to buy their favorite organic brands online and have them delivered to their door anywhere nationwide for up to 25-50% off. By creating Thrive Market Gunnar has effectively helped bring healthy eating options into American homes that once could not afford it, helping to make America a happier and healthier place.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • If you want to be a better company, be honest with your consumers.
  • You need to realize that the consumer is more informed now than ever before.
  • How to be a small business in a very large marketplace.
  • How to view the millennials as a mindset rather than an age group.
  • Your name is worth everything, being a trusted business is the most important thing in a consumer based market place.
  • When you are in an e-commerce marketplace you need to know how to handle hiring, shipping, marketing, and more.
  • Being automated is great, but sometimes technology does glitch, don’t forget how to manage your day to day operations.
  • Even with past success you can still be turned down by others who don’t understand your goals.
  • Resourcefulness is extremely important when being in a commerce marketplace.
  • Make your brand more lifestyle driven than just monetary and you’ll see a large public backing.
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