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Secret Academy Episode - Matt Kepnes

Matt Kepnes always dreamed of being a history teacher one day. Unfortunately the weak economy landed Matt a cubicle job that wasn't quite the dream he had imagined. After working a full year just to get two weeks worth of vacation time, Matt went on a trip to Costa Rica that opened his eyes to the possibilities of travel. Shortly after, Matt quit his job and then traveled for 18 months across several continents around the world. Now Matt documents his entire travel journeys but also gives the best tips for traveling on a budget at where he has an audience of over 700,000 visitors a month. For the last few years, Matt has successfully lived in multiple different locations in the world and funds his entire lifestyle through his blog and other business ventures like his book deal that just came to fruition.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The eye opening experience that showed Matt the possibilities.
  • Why Matt wanted to finish his MBA before his travel journey.
  • The purpose behind starting a blog and the many revisions it went through.
  • How to grow a blog to over 700,000 monthly visitors.
  • Why traveling is good for breaking habits and getting out of your comfort zone.
  • How to travel for extremely low prices or even free at times.
  • Different ways to fund your travel lifestyle including non online income streams.
  • Why Matt accepted a publishing deal instead of self publishing.
  • Then top places to visit for any entrepreneur and why.
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