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Secret Academy Episode - John Berardi

It is often not until we are older that we realize that our health becomes a top priority. For others like John Berardi, this was a means for him to stay in shape, play sports during high school, and lastly to help him pick up girls. Learning about fitness and nutrition can become a very mundane task since there is almost too much information out there. Instead, John found himself a few mentors to learn the fundamentals about health, fitness, and nutrition. While pursuing his masters and PHD, John linked up with a more technical savvy friend and launched Science Link, the predecessor to Precision Nutrition, in early 2000. This website became the only authority in nutrition and landed John numerous guest opportunities on major publications. When John released a nutritional course and made over $150,000 in two days, he knew he had a business in his hands. Over the last decade, Precision Nutrition has shifted focus to provide nutrition, health, and fitness tips to millions online while at the same time providing an extensive certification program for nutritional specialists to enable them to train clients offline. Today, John can be found traveling the world, authoring books, training world championship teams/athletes, or spending time with his family.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The birth of Precision Nutrition when John was in college with a friend
  • The 'aha' moment when John realized he had a real business in his hands
  • Why John left a six figure job offer on the table to focus on Precision Nutrition
  • How John kept his overhead low when operating and selling information products
  • Why John decided against books/ebooks during a time when they were popular products
  • The product launch that did over $150,000 in 2 days
  • Learn about the shift of focus which also changes the revenue model
  • How John gets to work with professional teams and athletes in the NFL, NBA, UFC, & more
  • How to scale a fitness / nutritional training business to coach 100s at a time
  • Why you should know where your money comes from and when to focus on that
  • How to automate your daily responsibilities to free up mental space and memory
  • Learn about the 'jobs to be done' theory that John utilizes to understand his ideal customer
  • How anyone can get started in this industry and tips to get your foot in the door
  • The pros and cons of opening a gym to train clients vs creating information products to sell
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