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Secret Academy Episode - Chris Cavallini

We live in a world where it seems there are two types of people: those who love working out and going to the gym, and those who totally despise it. Regardless if you enjoy hitting the gym or not, we can’t deny that health and fitness is an industry on the rise here in 2019. Companies in the industry seem to be popping up everywhere selling everything from apparel to supplements, to equipment to meals on the go. Though many companies are on the come up, there are some that stand above the rest, Nutrition Solutions is one of them. The company is a meal preparation service, but their CEO and Founder Chris Cavallini says they are more than just that, “we are more of a lifestyle and results based company, we don’t just provide meals to our clients based on their desired fitness goals, we provide ongoing support in the form of coaching, training, education, motivation, and so on to really help them reach their goals.” Which in this climate, one can appreciate. Customer expierence is one of the most important things to Chris and his team. So I wanted to take some time and sit down with Chris to learn more about himself, Nutrition Solutions, and the Health/Fitness Industry as a whole.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to go above and beyond your companies top priority.
  • How to ensure your customers expierence is one that makes them want to keep coming back.
  • How the fitness/health industry has evolved.
  • Common mistakes made in the fitness/health industry.
  • What type of work goes into being a nation-wide meal prep company.
  • How to make your meal-prep company stand out in the sea of incoming companies hitting the market.
  • What to do when life blesses you with a second chance.
  • How to ensure the people you are hiring are accredited and educated in their field.
  • How to recognize toxic interactions in your life and take action to remove them.
  • Half-assing something is a key factor that is preventing you from becoming successful.
  • The Law of Attraction.
  • How giving back to others can help to propel you forward in life.
  • How to take advantage of being in the Age of Information and using it as a driving force to find success.
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