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Secret Academy Episode - Andy Frisella

Humble beginnings could not have been more true for Andy Frisella. While walking with a friend one night, Andy was attacked and stabbed multiple times across the face and back while defending his friend from hecklers. Luckily, Andy recovered from this near fatal attack and found a new sense of urgency along with purpose. Andy pooled together $12,000 with his friend and started the very first Supplement Superstores location in Missouri. With every penny invested in his business, Andy had no choice but to live in the store while taking on second jobs just to run the business and survive. Slowly but surely the business started to pick up over the years, as well as profits, once expanded to multiple locations including another 50+ planned for 2015. Andy has also branched out into supplement manufacturing with 1st Phorm, which creates high quality and effective supplements for consumers and professional athletes worldwide that can be found on the store shelves of his own Supplement Superstores and online. When not running these two multi-million dollar businesses, you might find Andy at the shooting range or driving his Lamborghini Aventador in the goldRush Rally.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The knife stabbing incident that almost ended Andy's life
  • The humble beginnings of Supplement Superstore and the early struggles
  • How Andy bootstrapped and funded the business with after his initial investment
  • The importance of retention and how to bring back customers
  • How providing great customer service was the key to success
  • Why the best marketing is always loyal customers and word of mouth
  • The growth of Supplement Superstores and the expansion of 60+ stores in 2015
  • The reality of a brick and mortar business when it comes to take home income
  • Why you should track employee performance on service rather than direct sales
  • The importance of company culture and leadership as your employees increase
  • Why you should automate less of your business and actually be more personal
  • The evolution of Supplement Superstores that lead to 1st Phorm
  • The build process of a quality protein and initial investment cost
  • Why you should stick to what you know in business before expanding to unchartered waters
  • The keys to a successful partnership when it comes to running a million dollar business
  • Andy's biggest failure to date and why it's important to fail often
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